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Baptism is offered for infants through adults as a sign of being adopted into God's community, the Christian Church. Baptism is usually included in worship to enable the community gathered together to participate. An infant information packet and application card are available. Contact us to inquire abouty scheduling a baptism.


Marriage is a gift of God, intended for joy and mutual strength of those who enter it and for the well being of the whole human family. God blesses us with the gifts of companionship, the capacity to love, and the care and nurture of children. Marriage is an opportunity to witness vows before God. The church in worship surrounds these promises with the gathering of God's people, the witness of the word of God, and prayers and blessing. Marriages may take place in the church sanctuary or other locations away form the church. Preparation for married life can include the Prepare/Enrich tools with a pastor.

Wedding celebrations may be held in the Sanctuary utilizing the beautiful windows, marble altar and the magnificent pipe organ. For more details, a Wedding Information Packet is available.


At a person's death, the church shares the grief of those who mourn and remembers the brevity of life on earth. At the funeral we give voice to sorrow, thank God for our loved one, and entrust this companion of ours into the hands of God. We trust is God's promise in baptism that we are claimed by God forever. We rest in the hope of the resurrection. When the community gathers in the sanctuary of the church, the funeral home or graveside, we center on the Christ crucified and risen, the strength of mutual consolation, and the hope of healing. Services may occur with the body or ashes present, or a memorial service may be held.

Private Events

Gethsemane Lutheran facilities are available for private events such as reunions, bridal and baby showers, birthday and anniversary celebrations. Non-profit and other groups also may contact Gethsemane to hold events.

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