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Thank you for your consideration to make a donation to Gethsemane Lutheran Church using check, savings, credit or debit card. You choose either a one time or repeated offering and may begin the process when you click on this secured link, "Donate to Gethsemane ".

This is a reliable, safe way to move your stewardship plan into action. It allows you to share your gifts through planned giving and activates your generosity into ongoing stewardship. Because your gift may be given consistently, you won't need to play "catch-up" at year-end or worry about forgotten checkbooks or missed Sunday offerings.

But you're not the only one that benefits. Your congregation benefits from steady, more predictable revenues throughout the year, more efficient bookkeeping and greater confidence in meeting its financial commitments. To begin this method of tithing click on this secured link: "Donate to Gethsemane ".

Generous Lutherans use the charitable gift annuity program of the ELCA to make significant gifts to the church at large to give value to life. Please visit their website to learn more: www.elca.org/foundation or call 800.638.3522 ext.2970.

Updated 12/10/09
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