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Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Constructed in 1962, the Gethsemane Lutheran Church sanctuary was built on 10 acres of land purchased in 1960 that had been previously used as a cotton field. The new Gethsemane Lutheran Church serves as the replacement for The Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church at 16th and Congress, now a historical landmark. The architectural design of the church is Gothic in concept and contemporary in design. Extensive stained glass work enhances the incredible beauty and uniqueness of the entire church while giving focus to the sanctuary.

Exterior Side Entrance

Lower Level Entrance

to the Church Office, Meeting/Music Room, Altar Guild, Gethsemane Clothes Closet & Food Pantry Entrance consists of 2 separated doors which lead into the lower level sanctuary hall.





Lower Level Entrance Mosaics
There are 2 tile mosaics above the lower level entrance which
represent and refer to bible scriptures. There are 3
more mosaics just inside the main entrance.

John Mosaic Mark Mosaic

Main Entrance

Main Entrance

Open Space
On the 10 acre campus, there is plenty of open room outside to run, play, fly kites, or have quiet time for prayer and reflection.

Field 1 Field 2

Gethsemane Memorial Garden
Near the main entrance on the east side of the entrance area are doors leading out to the small garden with a statue, a cross mounted on the wall, fountain and benches. It's a great place to go quiet moments.

Garden Statue  

Educational Wing
The education wing extends outside to include 3 playgrounds and the Children's Ministry. The education wing is dedicated as the Keith Leslie Johnson Memorial Education Wing in memory of the building committee chairman.

Education Building Playground 1
Playground 2 Playground 3

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